Last night I dreamed I was involved in a murder somehow. I don't remember how because in the dream I couldn't remember exactly what I did, or if I had really been involved, beyond the fact that there was a body buried in the backyard of the house I grew up in, so I was worried about the police asking me questions.

Thankfully, I had an interview with the most low-budget, most inept police department ever, who charged me per minute for the interview and rushed through so fast that they forgot to ask me if I was at the scene of the crime or anything. I was surprised and nervous and asked if they had forgotten any questions. They said no, of course not, did I have anything to tell them? Uh... nope.

Then my sister got a bunch of Christmas presents, one of which was a historical play about France, at which point the dream switched to a lesson on French history told by animated map. I know nothing about French history so my brain had to make it all up and it made absolutely no sense, but good on you, brain, for trying.


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