Lobster Fishing

I hate it when a dream has what seems like a coherent plot while it's going, but as soon as you wake up it's all bits and pieces that probably never made sense. So in lieu of an explanation of plot, here's a list of things that were in last night's dream:
  • Lobster fishing off a dock (can you even do that?).
  • A priest helping out even though he was complaining that lobster fishing was bad, and going on about how the giant crabs we kept catching in our traps were awesome because they were saving the lobsters.
  • Catching a girl in a one-man submarine.
  • Finding out she lived in a house hidden in a tree up the hill. (Or maybe the house was hidden until you pushed a button on the tree? A bit fuzzy on that point.)
  • Going to visit the house and suddenly life-size toy soldiers start marching through the halls. She made sure we stayed in a room where it was safe. Apparently this happens all the time.
  • A comic convention with lots of free coffee.
  • Finding an old comic with a damaged CD inside that said something about happy birthday, and was apparently a bonus thing for one of the characters in said comic. Having an extended discussion with someone over how it must not be the real "Happy Birthday" song because that's copyrighted and they tried to school the girl scouts for that and such.
  • AU Angel comics.


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