Clients From Hell

Last night, I dreamed that my friend's mother asked her to edit a website for her. My friend did so, but her mother complained that my friend hadn't edited to specifications she was never actually told about, yelled at her and grounded her. My friend responded but writing a long and ranty complaint post on LiveJournal.

I have concluded from this that I have read too much Clients from Hell.

I woke up, fell back asleep, and dreamed that I was the pregnant wife of one of the characters from CSI who was being chased down an alley by some kind of petty criminals. I escaped by climbing up a trash pile and climbing down the other side, which had somehow become a mountain. I don't think this was an actual episode of CSI, but I could be wrong, considering how silly the show's gotten in recent years.


Last night, I dreamed I was investigating the deaths of women who were turning into skeletons. Then I got turned into a skeleton, but I didn't die; I was just a walking, talking skeleton. I woke up before I figured out the mystery.

Also I moved from place to place as if I were in Snailiad. That's a good game and you should go play it, but it's kind of weird when things like that integrate into your dreams and you don't even realize it's bizarre until you wake up.

Star Trek

Last night, I had an excessively detailed dream that was some kind of bizarre underwater crossover between every series of Star Trek. When I woke up and tried to remember it, I realized I couldn't put the description into words because I didn't know enough about Star Trek to know exactly what I was describing. So I guess the lesson is that my dreaming, subconscious mind knows more about Star Trek than I do.

Boring Everyday Life

Last night I dreamed I was doing work and balancing my budget. Obviously not interesting enough for my mind to remember details.

There was a bit at the end about two children having a horseback swordfight and two Japanese men discussing the merits of colonization at a cafeteria table, but it was clearly too little, too late.


Last night, I dreamed I was attacked by half a cobra. It had a cobra head and the first foot or so of the body, but then it was cut off. It was thrashing around on the sidewalk; I don’t think it was actually trying to attack me; I was just in the way. I stepped on it to hold it in place.

A zookeeper ran up to save the cobra. He picked it up, stuck his finger in its mouth to calm it, and started mumbling baby talk about what a good cobra it was.

Camping Trip

Last night, I dreamed that I was preparing for a camping trip with people whom I presume were my family. I was trying to pick what comic books to bring with me to read, but everyone kept arguing over it. Then I finally picked out the comics and warmed them up on an electric griddle before I read them.

Then the dream changed to me preparing to compete in an episode of Chopped, which was (in the dream) some kind of local cooking competition filmed in a church. I had competed several times before, apparently, although I couldn’t remember it. I was holding a jug of iced tea and some kind of mixed drink stored in a box like they keep boxed wine in. I gave the alcohol to my friend whom I found in the audience and he hid it under his seat, because I was afraid I’d get caught with it and get in trouble. I returned to find my iced tea stolen.

Then we started the competition. One competitor went off to wash her hands and never returned. There were some weird random nude scenes that apparently didn’t even fit in the dream world, because the audience got confused and offended. After a few minutes of competing, I sat down at a computer and watched the rest of the show on Hulu, where it was airing live.